10 Startling Facts

About Online Dating When Compared To Traditional Face To Face Dating.
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Have You Ever Wondered?

What the main differences between meeting potential partners via the internet and how it compares to using a traditional, well established, face to face dating agency like The County Register? What are the main differences and why are some people prepared to pay thousands of ponds extra to keep themselves safe and their details secure and confidential?
We don’t intend to cause alarm, but feel we need to draw your attention to the risks and the differences that being supported by a Personal Matchmaker can bring, we hope you find it useful.

Online Dating

1) Has one of the fastest growing crime rates in the UK according to the National Crime Agency. Online dating related crime is up by 382% between 2011 and 2016.

2) Sex related crime linked to online dating was up 757% in the same period and violent crime was up by 827%. Rape is up by more than 600%, All stats are from Sky News.

3) Romance fraud (which includes social media sites) went through the £100,000,000 in the UK alone for the first time in 2017. This is people being targeted to pass over money electronically. 10% of all profiles are said to be scammers according to Marketdata Enterprise.

4) Globally there are now around 100 online dating related murders per annum and more than 400 since match.com was founded in 1995.

5) Again globally 16,000 online daters are abducted each year by someone using a dating site according to InternetPredatorStatistics.com

6) Hardly any checks are carried out by online platforms because of the sheer volume of joiners. This was confirmed to me personally by eHarmony.com

7) 53% of users have admitted to falsifying aspects of their dating profile according to the Huffington Post.

8) 51% of online daters are already in a relationship of some kind according to Dinner for 6 and 11% are married.

9) 3% of males on online sites are psychopaths according to a book by Diane Mapes – How to date in a post dating world.

10) In the UK – more than 1,000,000 profiles were found to be false according to the BBC’s Panorama.

Personal Matchmaking

1) At Dating Options we personally interview every joiner, even Respondent members.

2) We have one of the most comprehensive and accurate verification and authentication systems available globally and verify every member.

3) We check people for residency, who they are living with, for any involvement in crime globally of any type, we also check for solvency (to ensure people aren’t joining for the wrong reasons). Consequently our database is extremely clean and reliable.

4) Never would a dating profile or any personal information of a Dating Options client appear on an internet site. Our service is totally private and confidential.

5) We answer our phones personally in the UK 362 days a year from 9am until 9pm(ever day other than Christmas Day, Boxing Dat and New Years Day) and people are usually talking to a human member of our team within 30 seconds – we don’t use an automated service.

6) We have our Membership Advisers available to talk and advise new clients during these hours.

7) We have the largest team of Personal Matchmakers in the UK and a large centrally located office that we encourage clients to visit and check us out, the top 5 online dating companies are all based abroad.

8) We produce a professional and compelling profile for every member and offer a complimentary photography service from our office studio.

9) We cover the whole of mainland Great Britain and offer service even in less populated areas.

10) If a client is dissatisfied with our service we are members of the Dating Agency Association and/or the DAA and they can take their issues up with them for investigation.


We will only introduce you to people who are genuinely free and looking to start a new and honest relationship. We spend a long time interviewing people and carry out full identity checks on all our clients. We absolutely insist on proper identification. If you request a brochure the more information you give us, such as your age and location, enables us to have a clearer picture of whether we can help.

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