Dear Geraldine
Thank you for letting me know about my membership. I am happy for you to keep my details on file. I want to,thank you and Heather for all your help,and kindness. Even though the land of milk and honey hasn’t yet appeared I have made a couple of good friends.
Best wishes Sarah (London) June 2018


Dear Geraldine
Thank you, and thank you for all your hard work during my membership.
Yes do please keep my details on your register and I will let you know how it progresses with Mark. Kindest regards Sue (London) June 2018


Dear Geraldine. I know you’ll be glad to hear from me with good news.  We’ve now been an ‘item’ for just over six months and although we’ve had our ups and down we are getting to know one another and we both feel it will develop into a long lasting relationship.  I wanted to thank you for the introduction and cannot believe it was my very last one with the County Register.  So it’s never too late.  With Kind Regards Sally (Wiltshire) May 2018


Dear Zara, We just thought that we would let you know that we got engaged in Crete after 8 months of being together. It is all very exciting. Thank you for introducing us.  Best wishes Sam and Sian (London) April 2018


Thank you Heather. It was a pity about Colin as I really liked him! I must say your choice of profiles has been excellent and I look forward to another soon.
Sue (Wiltshire) April 2018


Thank you
But could I please duck this opportunity and put my relationship with you ‘on hold’ as someone special may be entering my life, which is great for me.
I will be in touch if things change.
Many thanks to you and the team for all your help and the entertaining ladies you have introduced me to. You run a great business. All best Stuart (London) March2018


Dear Zara
I hope all is well with you. Exactly a year ago today I met James and had you not gently and skilfully encouraged me to meet him a second time and “just continue the conversation”, I would never have done so.
We are still together after a wonderful year of slowly getting to know each other. He is one of the kindest, most considerate and interesting men I have ever met and we have just returned from an adventurous holiday in Indonesia ticking off some of our bucket list. He accepts our differences and I adore all his friends. He’s about to meet my extended family for a week in Cornwall. Baptism of fire!
We enjoy looking after each other and he understands me well. I also enjoy spending time on my own too so different cites is fine for now!
So thank you so much for your very important part in this new chapter for us March 2018


Dear Geraldine,  I hope you are well. I just thought I would update you, although I know I am not a member any more! James and I have been continuing to see one another since we met in December. At the moment it is going really well and I rather hope it keeps doing so – I do like him quite a lot! Fingers crossed.
Thanks so much Sarah (Surrey) February 2018


Hi Geraldine thank you very much for your email. Please thank Heather for thinking of me I’m very pleased I have met a very nice person and we are in a relationship I’m just about to move in with her so I’m sorry to say I won’t be meeting anybody else thank you very much. Please give Heather my best regards and thank you for all your help very much appreciated and thank you too. Best regards Samuel (London) Feb 2018


Hello dear Geraldine – and Heather! Thanks to you – this is us at the wedding of Ray’s son last weekend and it comes with our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year: we are happier than most newly weds, I suspect, and more grateful: lots of love to you, your family and The County Register
from. Linda x  (Kent)  Dec 2017


Right now things are going really well and we’re still ‘an item’ – I don’t know what the future holds but I’m learning not to worry about it so much and am enjoying living in the present – having said that we’ve booked a trip to Argentina in 3 months’ time – somewhere that was on both our wish lists. We will wait and see but I am most grateful for your support and gentle persuasion when it was appropriate. Without that I wouldn’t have got to know Matthew and given us a chance. I have recommended you to a couple of friends of friends as a very safe, expert “pair of hands” so I hope they choose to employ you in the near future.
With very best wishes, Lucy (The Wirrall) Nov 2017


Dear Heather,
Thank you for your kind enquiry.
Zara’s introduction to Stephanie has worked out marvellously. We have been in a relationship for several months now.
The future cannot be predicted but for now it is all very good.
I am most grateful to you and Zara.
Best wishes, Tom. (Shropshire) Nov 2017


Dear Geraldine,
Thank you for that……you have both been great and I do want to put it in writing.
As Heather will have told you life is wonderful…….John and I are unbelievably happy!
And I was beginning to think it would never happen.
Very Best Wishes, Mary (Berkshire) Oct 2017


Dear Zara,
Everything is fine thank you. Caroline and I are still seeing each other. Our one year anniversary is coming up soon, so you must classify us among your successes!
Best wishes, Euan (London) Oct 2017


Hi Geraldine
Bob and I spoke. Both of us were going away and not sure if he has returned but I have been extremely busy so have left it rather hanging in the air.
With regard to the expiry of the membership, I will pursue with Bob and if not I will definitely get back to you when the diary is a little less manic.
Thank you so much for the introductions. There have been some very charming men and all has been a positive experience.

With many thanks. Angie (Worcestershire) Oct 2017


Thank you. I was going to ring Heather today, so yr message more than confirms my potential enquiry to her
Would you thank Heather for her hard work and support
Sue (London) Sept 2017


Hi Zara
I hope you are all well and had a good summer. I have now had two lunches and one dinner with Robert and we are planning to meet up again soon. We are both very busy and so finding time to meet is challenging but better that we are both busy than not! – so time will tell. It is so easy to over analyse everything when you are older which I am trying to stop myself from doing and just enjoy the moment!
Thanks for all your help, both of us agree that County Register provides a brilliant service, I will keep you posted.
Best wishes Ellen (London) Sept 2017


Dear Heather,
It was lovely to meet you and thank you for your honesty and kind advice. It will be my pleasure to remain in touch.
Warm regards, Ramneek (London) August 2017


Dear Zara
Many thanks for your message and sorry I have been slow getting back – have been travelling. Going very well with Jane, and strong…
We are also about to go on holiday together.
Hope all well with you and that you are having a wonderful summer.

Best wishes. Hugh (Herefordshire) July 2017


Hi Geraldine
I’m back from my trip end of August. I’ve texted both David and John and hope to chat to them soon. Thank you for encouraging me so.
Best wishes to you and gratitude for your encouragement and support

Louise (London) July 2017


Hi Geraldine
You are so sweet ! Thank you. I have spoken to Donald. I think we will meet. Being completely honest…. ? I’m not that optimistic but will keep an open mind.
You are of course completely correct – promotion can be a double edged sword – especially in the state sector! Nevertheless, I am passionate about my work and want to give it absolutely my best shot.
As always, an absolute pleasure to be in touch with you. You are always so encouraging and positive.

Linda (Hertfordshire) July 2017


Just wanted to show you this extremely nice message from Peter. I thought he was a lovely man and as his message shows, considerate, and straight forward. He’d be a great friend and holiday companion.
I hope you might introduce him to someone nice.
Hi Sue,
Sorry I have not been in touch. hope you had a great week.
Thinking this through as much as I am attracted to you and would like to make things work , on a practical basis the distance between us and our busy lives precludes us seeing each other regularly so we would never really have a chance to get to know each other well enough to develop a relationship. I can’t expect you to come up to London 2 or 3 times a week, its just not practical and likewise the journey down to you for me is a bit of a nightmare. I hope this does not sound to stand offish – I assure you it’s not meant to be.
So we could be golf friends, have a game here and there and you never know something may develop. Does this make sense -I hope so!!
It’s been lovely meeting you. You are a gorgeous lady and you have a hell of a golf swing as well!!

Stay in touch. Peter x (London) June 2017


Hello Geraldine
Yes please! I would like to do that. 1 month freeze and review things after that.
It must be a lovely job ‘playing’ Cupid!!

Many thanks  Gill (Cornwall) June 2017


Hi Geraldine
Thank you for contacting. I’m actually in Italy with the family at the moment.
I am seeing Nick and enjoying his company. We are just taking things slowly and see where it goes. We do have a great deal in common!!
Hoping all is well with you and thanking you for the introductions. I have had a very good time.

Best Alex (Gloucestershire) June 2017


Dear Geraldine,
I have met Charles twice now, and have plans to meet again next week.
We get on quite well and I find him to be polite and well- mannered, with a sense of humour.
He rang me today to invite me to the Arts and Antiques show at Olympia at the end of June.
Thank you for thinking of me.

Yours sincerely   Diana (London) June 2017



Hello dear Geraldine. That’s it, really. Please freeze my membership and please thank Heather – she got it right, in spades.
Have been chuckling over the notion that, in the Introduction business,  one is looking for sparks. No one mentioned volcanos.

Best  love, Louise x (Sussex) May 2017


Good evening Geraldine
It all happened around 7.30 tonite.  Suddenly I phoned J’s mobile, got no reply, then called ‘best’ number, given by you, and there he was!!!   While talking, I drank all of my Gin, went downstairs to get my diary, and there he was still waiting for me when I arrived back upstairs.  He sounds a delightful man, we are meeting on 20th at a lovely country pub that he knows well.  He sounds a real gentleman, and was quite jolly and I feel like a butterfly right now and I’m flying around happily, not a care in the world, and feeling 300% better than I have felt for a month…..   Perhaps it’s the gin!  Thank you for your patience and care.

Love Carol (Brighton) April 2017


Dear Geraldine,
Thank you very much for your e-mail advising me about that my membership has come to an end.
It would be good of you to retain my profile on your register and contact me should my profile be chosen.  Thank you!
I am most grateful to you and Heather for introducing me to some charming and interesting men during the course of my membership.  I am particularly thankful to have met Roy and enjoyed a very special relationship with him for nearly a year.  It is just sad that he is not quite right for me for the long term.
With best wishes and grateful thanks to The County Register

Jane (London) March 2017


Dear Zara
Just to say a very happy 2017 and to update you on where I am.  I actually met someone amazing over Christmas, and this has now developed into something very committed indeed.
My months with you really helped to restore a lot of confidence, and right at the end, to really focus on at last being totally ready to find something beautiful. Once I was (and over my past sadness) it found me straight away. Weird!
Wishing you luck in making many successful partnerships in ’17 and my very best wishes personally.

Sarah (Warwickshire) February 2017


Dear Zara
Thank you. Don’t worry- totally understand. I won’t expect this pace to continue. After all you did mention I could hope for a minimum of 12 over 15 months! The right one may not even have contacted you yet, it is all relative-and I remain glad that the method I have chosen is County Register!
Will keep you in the loop. Have a good weekend.

Kate (London) February 2017



Hi Zara, good to hear from you!
From my point of view really well, I love being with him. Fingers crossed he feels the same!

Charlotte (London) November 2016


Dear Zara,
Thank you for your email and thanks for our friendly and informative meeting. I really like you/ your agency’s  approach and honesty.
I will make my decision over the weekend  and I will be in touch with you in the beginning of next week

Layla (London) October 2016


Hello Heather –
Hope you had a good break. Somewhat contrary to my initial expectations before meeting her, Mary and I had a lovely day together yesterday, and we’re meeting again on Friday in London. Early days of course but based on a sample of one you’re clearly rather good at what you do! So well judged and thank you.  Watch this space.

 Charles (London) September 2016

Dear Heather
I promised to let you know whether I would subscribe to your membership by the end of August. I have been delaying my answer as I have started a relationship which now seems to be flourishing and I want to see where this goes over the next few months. I actually met this man around the time of our meeting, Heather, but I didn’t know at that stage if it showed promise or would progress and I’m pleased to say it has and is!!!
I am sorry for taking up your time but I shall definitely come back to you if I find myself searching again and I would like to thank you for your sincerity and utmost professionalism

Best Wishes Stephanie (Dorset) August 2016

Hello Geraldine,
Heather is amazing to have grasped the majority of the details about me and create a pretty accurate profile!
I have amended the bits which are not factual, but otherwise I am happy with the general overview!
Many thanks

Kind Regards Gay (Herefordshire) August 2016

Dear Heather,
Life is very busy at the moment with last few days of prep school for Jonathan. So many Leavers’ events.
Please do kindly keep my profile in your Portfolio. I would be very happy for any introductions. As always, I have so enjoyed “working” with you. You make the whole process so pleasurable and I thank you for all your efforts. One day, i will meet the right person!
Enjoy your summer too x

Warmest wishes, Jeanette (Warwickshire) July 2016

Dear Heather,
Just to say Sarah is back in the UK and things are progressing well.
Still getting to know each other on neutral ground, but all very positive and a feeling that this is great fun now and may be life changing in the future.
So no alternatives needed for a while! Will keep you posted

Kind Regards James (Gloucestershire) June 2016

Dear Heather
I am between 2 trips abroad at the moment, so managed to meet James again last night. I thought I would let you know how well it is going. We do seem to be on the same wavelength, and he has been so supportive over the last few days with family problems. I really do think that there is a lot of potential for something between us, and I’m looking forward to seeing him again when I get back. Best wishes, Sally

Best Wishes Sally (Wiltshire) June 2016

Dear Zara
How are you? and hope all good.
Just wanted to let you know that things are going well with Ginny…. Lots of really great times and getting to know each other more and more…
I also wanted to convey a BIG thank you to you and for all your support Zara.
Will be in touch going forward.

All the v best Robin (Surrey) April 2016

Dear Zara,
Back in March 2013 you brought James and I together. I was James’ last date and he was my first. It’s been a wonderful three years and we’re very happy and settled. Without your help at County Register we would never have met, got married and had our beautiful baby boy.
We got married in January 2015 and our son, Jack was born three weeks ago. We thought you might like to see a couple of pictures after reminiscing about how we met.

With warmest wishes Fiona and James April 2016

Dear Geraldine
Just had a lovely 2½ hour lunch with Margaret. She’s lovely, I like her a lot, we have a lot in common and we got on well. I would love to see her again if she would like to but I didn’t want to embarrass her by putting her on the spot. I sensed that among other things she is not totally enamoured with beards! I may be wrong but my sixth sense is normally right.

Regards Martin (Gloucestershire) April 2016

Dear Heather and Geraldine,
I met Hugh yesterday as promised……..we spent the day together in London and it was rather successful…………we have decided to pursue the relationship and I am at some point going to visit him in Berkshire, likewise he will come north to see me.
I have you both to thank for what seems a rather promising introduction……….
……but feel that it is best not to proffer other chaps for the time being as it would be an unwelcome diversion.
I will keep you posted as to any progress.

Best Wishes Fiona (Ayrshire) March 2016

Dear Heather
We met in London on Monday; it was a good day, we found much in common and enjoyed each other’s company. We decided that we would like to explore further and with this in mind are planning visits to Berkshire and her home in the north. I think that this could develop in to an enduring relationship.
It was perceptive of you to introduce us, given that there are quite a lot of areas where we differ. However the reality seems to be that the differences are almost points of cohesion.
I think that it these circumstances, I would not wish for, indeed would not be able to cope with the receipt of further introductions, unless we find that the future for us is not as I hope. I will keep you in touch, on the meantime my special thanks to you and Geraldine.

Kind Regards Hugh (Berkshire) March 2016

Thank you Zara you have been so wonderful during all my time with you.

Best Wishes Anna (Kent) January 2016

Dear Heather

Thank you for your letter and brochure your identity has certainly changed since I last contacted you as Country Partners in 1990, my then wife had died of cancer in 1989. You subsequently introduced me to a wonderful and very attractive lady, Jane, who was a perfect match for me and we married in 1990. At the time I was just over 50 and she was nearly a decade older although she looked more than 50. After I retired we moved from Leicestershire to Herefordshire but unfortunately after seven years together she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I have cared for her for the last two decades. The early years were not much of a problem but the last few have been very distressing and extremely punishing. She eventually succumbed to a lung infection and pneumonia. For my part I have managed to stay fit and my GP says my biological age is late sixties, I hope he is right. So much for the brief history.

I am very conscious of the fact that the situation I find myself in is very different from that back in 1990 and there may not be another suitable matching person around. I also now have my own two daughters and step family of two sons and a daughter, all married with children to consider although I do not think any of them would begrudge me a few more happy ears. At present I have a lovely large house in rural Herefordshire about 20 minutes drive from the centre and now have to consider downsizing and location as I am some distance from all family members. So I have some difficult decisions to make and perhaps a meeting with you might help me to see a way through some of these issues. I note from your brochure that Hereford and Cheltenham are possible venues and if this could be arranged I would appreciate it. There is no particular urgency. I hope the above will give you some idea as to whether I may be a suitable client should I decide to go ahead

Yours sincerely David (Herefordshire) October 2015

Dear Heather

I should like to thank you and everyone at County Register, for all the care and interest you have taken for me and for the help you have given me in the last year or two. You have introduced me to some very nice and interesting men, I have also very much enjoyed meeting and getting to know you.

With all my very best wishes to you. Sally (West Sussex) 2015

Dear Zara

As I mentioned on the phone, things are going very well with Tessa, I do hope that things will work out. We both feel that you certainly have a knack for this, it must be in the genes! Thank you also for your sensitivity and subtle approach in guiding me through all of this, it has been invaluable and I’ve learnt a lot. I will keep you posted as you always say!

Much thanks, John (London) 2015

Dear Heather and Geraldine

I would like to express my sincere thanks for all your sterling work on my behalf. When I joined you last year little did I think that you would be able to introduce me to so many men in their 80s. I am looking forward to meeting the last person again on Friday and have fingers crossed as we get on so well. I will keep in touch and let you know the outcome

With Kind Regards, Wendy (London) 2016

Dear Lucy

I had lunch with Matthew on Monday. He and I seem to have the same sense of humour and also an acute sense of the ridiculous. At times we were laughing so much that we both had tears running down our cheeks and when the waitress came, she had to leave us and return later, because neither of us were capable of speaking to her we were laughing so much.

Kind regards, Helen (Warwickshire) 2015

Dear Heather

Thank you for your phone call, as it happens Andrea and I are getting along very well indeed, thank you very much for the introduction which was intelligent and very well managed. Various difficulties are appearing along the way, bemused children and families, but we think it will be fine in due course and your role will be remembered for sure.

Kindest regards, Richard (Surrey) 2015

Dear Heather

Just to congratulate Tamara on her recent honour. Very well done with her huge success with Mr and Mrs Smith as well as CR. She may not remember me but I remain happily with my partner of 10 years after she introduced me to him. My thanks to her, Heather and very best wishes to them both,

Sarah (London) 2015

Thanks Zara

Agree that you can’t force it – it is either there or it isn’t!! And that doesn’t mean the other person isn’t great – that’s the tough thing about this – you get to meet some really nice people – but if there isn’t the click – then it isn’t going to work!
I will get back in touch with Trish – worth meeting again!

Thanks Simon (Hampshire) 2015

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for sending me Albert’s profile but I’m not going to take things any further and thank you for sending it. I know you have put in a lot of effort towards finding me a match. You have been patient and it has always been a pleasure to talk to you on the telephone and you have turned what could have been an uncomfortable experience into something more bearable. Thank you very much and although I haven’t met anybody to form a relationship with I met a lot of interesting people.

Kind regards and best wishes for the future. Sandra (Berkshire) 2015


My goodness I did not realise how hard it is to get two adults together! You certainly earn your fees! It’s a great experience and I look forward to meeting more of your clients in the future.

Best Wishes Jane (Essex) 2015

Dear Geraldine

Thank you for your email. I enjoy Roland’s company very much and everything looks promising. I will let you know how it pans out in the end.  I have enjoyed our correspondence over the past 18 months or so and have found my time with the County Register interesting! However you saved the best for last and I am cautiously optimistic that things will proceed happily…..

With best wishes Lottie (Buckinghamshire) 2015

Dear Heather

To update you, I have now had several substantial and enjoyable meetings with Gina but should tell you that we both decided at a fairly early stage that we are not made for each other and the hoped for chemical reaction has not materialised. I hope we may continue as friends and perhaps meet again when she returns from her travels.

I have had one most pleasant and enjoyable meeting with Mary and we are hoping to get together again next week.  I have had several telephone conversations with Jane which were very encouraging and I am meeting her tomorrow.  No further news at present. I hope you will be pleased that I have had a good number of enjoyable meetings in such a short time and I hope I am giving the exercise my best shot, and thank you and Geraldine for your interventions on my behalf.

With very best wishes. John (Dorset) 2015

Thank you Geraldine.

I have never known a year go so quickly! I’ve met someone wonderful people and will keep in touch with some. I hope to stay in touch and will look at the web ads occasionally. I’ll speak to Susie over the weekend.

Au revoir, Peter (Somerset) 2015