Heather is one of Britain’s foremost introduction agency specialists. She studied at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and set up a small agency in Shropshire in 1984 which quickly grew to national coverage within 3 years. In 1987 Country Partners became a member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies. From the beginning, she based her service on personal interviews rather than ‘matching’ people through questionnaires or computer databases. In 1991, she created a specialised service to concentrate on providing the more in-depth search process offered by County Register. In the early 1990s Heather was also an Executive Director of Praxis Ltd, a company providing interim management jobs for people at top level.

Her years in the business have given her tremendous insights into human relationships. She uses these, together with her sympathetic interviewing skills, to gain a clear understanding of her clients’ needs and thus match them with suitable partners.

Heather also spent many years doing voluntary work for the Samaritans. Her expertise and knowledge means that she is often called upon for professional opinion and comment by the national press and media. She is Chairman of the Association of British Introduction Agencies.



Zara joined The County Register in 2005. She graduated from Leeds University, took a year out to travel the world and then worked as a client manager with The Red Consultancy and various other well known PR agencies. She handles her own client base within The County Register, working for both men and women in their thirties, forties and fifties. Zara began her training in 2009 to become a psychotherapist and is currently in the final stage of her training. She has also done various ‘Imago’ relationship workshops alongside her training that contribute to her role. These invaluable skills allows her to assess people in a gentle and understanding way.


Tamara has been working with The County Register since 2001. She graduated from Oxford with a degree in languages then left the UK for a year in Brazil, where she launched a new energy drink. She has worked as a marketing consultant for international brands but soon realized that she wanted a more personal and fulfilling role and so she left the corporate world in 2001 to help grow the personal search side of The County Register. In 2003 she co-founded the well known Boutique Hotel guide Mr & Mrs Smith and in 2014 was appointed MBE for her services to the travel industry in the UK.


Geraldine joined the company in 1984. She was instrumental in setting up a business strategy and has invaluable organisational skills and expertise. Her contribution to the company has helped to make it what it is today, she runs the second office based in the west country. A sympathetic voice and common sense allows The County Register clients to ask her advice when dealing with delicate situations that inevitably arise when two people are introduced to each other.


Sue joined the County Register in early 2011. She graduated in South Africa at the University of Natal, with a degree in psychology and social work. She subsequently worked as a Probation Officer in the Juvenile Courts in South Africa, before settling in the UK, where she worked for Lambeth Social Services attached to a school for handicapped children. Her empathetic and gentle demeanour has brought a new dimension to the company, allowing vulnerable people to talk to her in complete confidence.