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It’s 2 months ago today that Chris first sent me a text and since that day, our love for each other has grown more and more. He came to stay for two nights when I got back from my yoga retreat and has been here a month bar popping back for a couple of pre-arranged events.

We are both living the best life together.
We recently celebrated my birthday and I was incredibly spoiled and treated like never before. I did not realise that there were such good men on this planet and we are so well matched and love everything we do together.

I don’t think we’ve stopped smiling! I am telling all my friends to join The County Register and you may have quite a number of Elizabeth referrals!

July 2022

I am so grateful to you for introducing me to Susan.
As you told me she’s an absolute delight.
We share so many interests and seem to have found that elusive thing we call chemistry which is exciting for both of us.
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

August 2021

Peter arrived in an immaculate car, with a huge bouquet of flowers. We had such a great day together.
We are going hiking on the Suffolk coast next weekend.
I am just having a little moment because at long, long last, I am not alone.

He is very good looking and beautifully dressed. We have laughed a lot  together.
Thanks so much for your patience and experience while I have been so neurotic!


August 2021

I did lunch yesterday for Peter. He loves apple crumble which we enjoyed. We went for a lovely walk on my farm and I showed him around.

On our walk, he said he is my man and we agreed to be together as I have fallen for him. He is a wonderful and caring person. We are having lunch at his house on  Saturday. Peter said to me we need to stop The Country Register as we are  together.

It’s so lovely we have found happiness together. He is taking me on a short break in September, which will be lovely.

Kindest Regards.


Testimonial received by The County Register – August 2021

 … David had an interesting career and is good company, we both enjoy spending time together, he also has a great sense of humour which is so important as we get older and are able to laugh at ourselves! Living alone can be lonely, so, thank you for the introduction which has brought happiness to my life …

… I have enjoyed 12 introductions so far; all were good quality, carefully thought out matches and I remain in touch with 4 of them as friends. I have recently started dating Eduardo and it’s going very well so far, fingers crossed …

… I was looking for a form of dating where I could feel comfortable and safe, where people are real and properly checked out before they join … I have met several, attractive, high flying men so far, the standard has been very high and I am confident that The County Register is the way forward for me …

… I joined The County Register to meet new partners … they have been great to deal with and provide a quality, confidential, face to face service, which is much better than my experience on online dating apps. I would highly recommend this …

… I have now met Don, who I like immensely and feel that this has been perfect for me. Please join with confidence …

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