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An elegant solution to your dating dilemmas. A discreet, traditional dating agency service, keeping you safe – even in a Covid-19 dominated world.

About Our Clients

Our clients within come from all walks of life and backgrounds; they range in age from 30’s to 80’s and it is our objective to help them all find love or a compatible partner, or hopefully both. They are usually at least comfortably off and on some occasions wealthy but the most common characteristic is a genuine desire to meet a compatible, long term partner, from a similar background as themselves and with a minimum level of risk. We our champions of dating safely at The County Register.

Educated Matches - The County Register

Educated Matches

The majority of our client base are university educated, successful within their chosen field and are all searching for someone special to share their lives with. Many are high profile within their specialist field or occupation, so our confidential approach is usually one of their biggest considerations in joining us. Our service is totally discreet and there is no public profile or photographs of you on the internet or elsewhere that people could stumble across accidentally without your knowledge. 

Interviewed and Vetted Matches

Interviewed & Vetted

We interview every member personally, ID check them and also have access to one of the most comprehensive client authentication and verification systems globally, which enables us to be 100% confident that our members are who they say they are. Our potential clients are tremendously reassured by this thoroughness of approach and as a consequence we have a clean database, that is one of the largest in the UK of interviewed and thoroughly vetted clients, almost all of whom have a professional background.

Interviewed and Vetted Matches
Dating Agency with a Difference

Different To Online Dating

Our service is a world away from that offered by an online dating company, where there is little support, guidance or help available and you are largely on your own to construct your own profile, choose and upload your own photographs and then begin the onerous task of wading through literally hundreds of poorly constructed profiles that may well be hugely misleading and inaccurate, looking at photographs that may well be years or even decades out of date – we insist on taking photographs or as a minimum verifying your own favourite photographs as recent and accurate.

Clients & Press - The County Register

Expert Guidance

Many members also feel that it is hugely advantageous to be working with and to be guided by a professional personal matchmaker, who has worked in the industry for a while to be able to assist you to get the most out of your membership – your matchmaker is there to guide and mentor you through the period of your membership. For some we also add in our headhunting team as an additional benefit, our headhunters support members on our top 2 joining options, by looking outside of our own database too, to help us tailor someone to specific requirements.

Clients & Press - The County Register

Want To Join Us?

If that sounds like the sort of service and the type of client base that you have been searching for? If so then please ring us on 0800 994 3500 or fill in our contact form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible and certainly within 48 working hours, We would love to hear from you.