Female’s 56 to 80+

The County Register is a family-run high end dating agency specialising in personal one-to one matchmaking.

Our Headhunting Service

On occasions we work with ladies who have specific and very focused criteria for the type of men that they would prefer to meet and on our higher end membership packages we offer a high quality headhunting service, where we target specific types of men on your behalf, please see below just a few examples of our female clients. Please note that these descriptions are short in order to protect the anonymity of the person they relate to and are not indicative of the profiles you receive, if you become a member.

We headhunt for our female members in a myriad of different ways, such as attending shows and events, magazine and newspaper advertising, targeted Google and LinkedIn advertising, we have a dedicated headhunting team within our group of companies too. But if you match the description of the person one of our clients is searching for on this page, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email as follows: Telephone: 020 8994 3500 for general enquiries send an email to [email protected]

Client 1

Born 1965 – Height 5’ 3” – divorced no children – Location Oxfordshire

Interests: reading, writing, yoga, walking her dog, cycling, sailing, travel, home, London, theatre, cinema, comedy clubs, restaurants, Italian, pottery, music, Glastonbury

My client: fun, easy going and pretty
Looking for: for someone looking for a relationship with a level of commitment to share what the future may hold

Age: up to 8 years older
Distance: flexible

Client 2

Born 1965 – Height 5’ 8” – single no children – Location Surrey

Interests: theatre, cinema, dining out, reading, open air concerts/parties, music; opera, family, friends, travel; widely, keep fit, hiking, gym

My client: very pretty blond natural hair/bright intelligent and normal healthy outdoor sort of person.

Looking for: someone who is tactile and can show their feeling/someone who is happy in their own skin. No couch potatoes interested in the world about them

Age: up to 8 years older
Distance: 100 miles

Client 3

Born 1963 – Height 5’ 8” – divorced with children – Location London

Interests: yoga, pilates, swimming, gym, walking, tennis, London, RA, V&A, theatre, cinema, dining out, cooking, entertaining, music, current affairs, travelling.

My client: very down to earth good sense of humour great fun.

Looking for: someone kind, interesting and fun to be with-she is open about what the future will hold.

Age: up to 7 years older
Distance: up to 2 hours

Client 4

Born 1963 – Height 5’ 4” – divorcing with children – Location Cheshire (would relocate)

Interests: travel, reading, keep fit, walking, opera, ballet, music, art, tapestry, paintings

My client: Beautiful, fair haired, slim, quietly well spoken, elegant , prepared to travel

Looking for: Someone who can equally financially share the good things in life, perhaps a man who divides his life between the UK and mainland Europe, professional, well spoken, good sense of fun and humour.

Age: up to 7 years older
Distance: flexible

Client 5

Born 1960 – Height 5’ 8” – divorced with children – Location Cotswolds

Interests: music, singing, choir, garden, horticulture, yoga, golf, dogs, sewing, friends, family, travel, theatre, ballet, reading, art, gym.

My client: natural looking woman with a good figure,attractive and an easy conversationalist.

Looking for: her intellectual equal and that special feeling with someone, she is open to whatever the future holds, would however prefer not to meet someone who is fanatically sporty.

Age: open
Distance: flexible

Client 6

Born 1960 – Height 5’ 7” – divorcing with children – Location Wiltshire

Interests: sporty; tennis, swimming, skiing, golf, art, painting, sculpting, history, music; jazz, classical, art exhibitions, ballet, travel

My client: really nice well spoken, vibrant, fun,slim,very attractive in character and looks

Looking for: someone with a twinkle in their eye-a town or countryman who is fun, kind and active from similar social background ie privately or well educated.

Age: up to 12 years older
Distance: flexible

Client 7

Born 1954 – Height 5’ 7” – widowed with children – Location Gloucestershire

Interests: friends, family, skiing, tennis, golf, fly fishing, walking, cinema, theatre, reading, cooking, spectator sports, art, auctions, museum.

My client: attractive/straight forward-lots of energy-good fun, slim fair haired.

Looking for: open with a sense of fun/country is important to her, someone who is young and active for their age with lots of get up and go.

Age: up to 10 years older
Distance: flexible

Client 8

Born 1953 – Height 5’ 3” – widowed with children – Location Offshore (South of UK)

Interests: history, current events, gardening, reading, walking, archery, dining out, films, theatre, art.

My client: She has an exceptionally pretty face with a lovely skin , beautiful speaking voice, extremely interesting and highly intelligent woman.

Looking for: someone to enjoy the future with-she is retiring this summer and open to what the future may bring and would relocate to the UK, but retain her footprint Offshore. A professional herself she wishes to meet a professional.

Age: up to 9 years older
Distance: UK and islands south of the UK

Client 9

Born 1944 – Height 5’ 6” – widowed with children and grand children: Location West London

Interests: countryside, walking, music, classical, jazz, theatre, films, art galleries, opera, swimming, badminton, gym, reading, cooking, entertaining, restoration, flora/fauna.

My client: Gentle, quiet sense of humour, pragmatic, the sort of person that if you confide in her she would never let you down and she has lots of solid common sense.

Looking for: close companionship in the first instance would cohabit, but not sure about marriage, however she could be persuaded under certain circumstances. Someone who is a retired professional, privately or well educated, intellectual or academic, family man.

Age: up to 70s
Distance: flexible