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We have many more men within this age and this is just a snap shot; they are living in different parts of the country, perhaps having retired from working in and around London during their careers. Please note that these descriptions are short in order to protect the anonymity of the person they relate to and are not indicative of the profiles you receive, if you become a member. We have relatively few members either in Scotland or Wales at present, so therefore you will have to be prepared to travel to meet people if you live in either of those places.

If you would just like to talk to us about either joining one of our services or meeting up with Heather for an informal chat.  There is no obligation to join; we are always happy for people to go away and think about it, ask us questions and then make a balanced decision as to whether we are the right company for you.

We headhunt for both male and female members. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email as follows:

Telephone: 020 8994 3500 or for general enquiries email [email protected]

Client 1
Born 1949      Height 5’ 8”       divorcing with children       Location Switzerland
Interests: sports; tennis, skiing, climbing, walking, mountains, golf, gardening, gardens,
theatre, eating out, cooking, entertaining, languages, books, bridge, history, travel, music, animals, travel
My client: is a pleasant looking man, interesting, well spoken with a sensitive side to his nature, good sense of fun, financially secure, successful, good company
Looking for: someone who will share some of his interests, skiing would be a bonus, but not essential. He does not like living alone
Age: up to his own age+
Distance: flexible-happy to fly to the UK to meet

Client 2
Born 1945       Height 5’ 9”       divorced with children and grandchildren      Location Buckinghamshire
Interests: politics, current affairs, skiing, sailing, tennis, theatre, music, dancing; ballroom, Siroc, art galleries, bridge, spectator sports; rugby, tennis, countryside, mountains, sea, yacht
My client: is kind, caring and warm hearted, although strong minded he is generous and sincere, bright and intelligent with a philosophical approach to life.
Looking for: someone to build a new life with less business and more relaxation-someone to share some of his interests/someone intelligent and well educated, sophisticated and cultured/someone who enjoys life to the full
Age: up to his own age
Distance: flexible