Many of us remember a time of pre-internet dating with gentle nostalgia. The sweetness of a slowly blossoming romance just cannot be replicated by online dating sites and apps. At The County Register, we are huge fans of traditional ways to find love. Below, we discuss how to find love offline.

Connect with a Personal Matchmaker

Some of the world’s greatest romance writers lived in times where matchmaking was the way to find love.

Remember Mrs Bennett in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice?

Her mission in life was to marry off her five daughters to wealthy, accomplished men. During Jane Austen’s lifetime, being an unmarried, adult woman was no joke. Wealth was passed down through the males of the family and, due to war, there was a distinct shortage of eligible gents.

Today, finding love is a personal choice… and it is one most of us decide we would like to try. Having a skilled and driven matchmaker at hand to help you to navigate the dating game is the next best thing to having Mrs Bennett searching for your perfect match!

It is a wonderful feeling to have the stress of trawling through online profiles removed. Not to mention the fear of falling under the spell of a complete stranger practiced in the art of duping. Our team genuinely believe that matchmaking is the safest and most enjoyable way to find love offline. We are very proud to be keeping such a heartfelt tradition alive.

Follow Your Interest & Passions

How many times do you think of a pastime you would love to pursue…and then do nothing about it?

The best way to get in the mood for finding love is to fill your life with worthwhile pursuits.

It is never too late, or too early, to start following your passions. Whether it’s painting; cooking; paddle-boarding or buying a pet, take action and start doing the things you want to do!

So, disconnect from online dating sites and start embracing life with a friendly and professional personal matchmaker at your side. You deserve love and we would be delighted to help you find it!

Our team of dating experts are available to tell you more. Call us today for more information.