Simply Friends

Heather has, through her work of putting people together over the last thirty years, been made acutely aware of how lonely it can be if women move to another part of the country, either through divorce, bereavement, or for a variety of other reasons. This is where life becomes more difficult, having relocated to a completely new town or village far from friends, it then becomes not only stressful to put down new roots, but equally hard to make new friends without knowing anyone in the area. It has often been suggested, that you only need to know one person when relocating to another area. We may well be able to help you to achieve this, so read on.

In view of this relocation problem which most people experience at some stage in their lives, Heather has decided to create a website called that will allow women to sign up and through the website, contact women within the area they are moving to, or have already just moved to, with a view to meeting up and chatting over a cup of tea etc, getting to know each other with the end result hopefully of a new found friend. This could mean that the new found friend will in time introduce you to other people in the area, thus alleviating the loneliness of not knowing anyone around you. will only be for friendship and for no other purpose or reason. We all understand that women enjoy their women friends, more so than men enjoy their men friends to the same extent and those women friends form a very important back up group, when times get tough. Very often women will have a friend to go shopping with, another to go travelling with and another they will entrust with all their best kept secrets.

This is NOT a matchmaking service for women wishing to meet men or men wishing to meet women. Please refer back to our matchmaking services if that is what you are looking for.

Please do send Heather an email to register your interest and she will keep you up to date as to when the website will go live.

The email address is [email protected] Thank you