FEMALE 56 -80

We work for many women within this age group, please see below just a few examples of our female clients. Please note that these descriptions are short in order to protect the anonymity of the person they relate to and are not indicative of the profiles you receive, if you become a member.

We headhunt for our female members, therefore if you match the description of the person one of our clients is searching for, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email as follows:
Telephone: 020 8994 3500 for general enquiries send an email to enquiries@thecountyregister.com

Born 1955   Height 5′ 9″   Widowed with children   Location Kent/Sussex borders
Educated Privately
Interests: golf, reading, current affairs, opera, cinema, travel
Looking for: Age: up to 74
Distance: south and west Home Counties
Someone: interested/interesting with a good sense of fun and energy

Born 1944   Height 5′ 4″   Widowed with children   Location London
Educated Privately
Interests: theatre, art exhibitions, reading, creative, painting, travel, holidays; Italy, yoga,
current affairs, gardening
Looking for: someone from a similar social background with zest and energy
Age: similar+
Distance: London and easy commute

Born 1956   Height 5′ 6″   Divorced with children   Location Southern England
Educated Privately
Interests: reading, cinema, theatre, concerts, music, walking, eating out, travelling,
Looking for: Someone from a similar social background/fit and active with similar interests
Age: someone in their 60s
Distance: London or Southern England

Born 1954 Height 5′ 6″ Divorced with children Location West Country
Educated Privately/State
Interests: dancing, architecture/buildings, swimming, skiing, wildlife, the arts, walking,
flying, films, theatre, creative
Looking for: Someone; young and active for their age with a love of the arts
Age: someone in their 60s
Distance: Flexible

Born 1960   Height 5’ 8”   divorced with children   Location Cotswold
Educated: State
Interests: music, singing, choir, garden, horticulture, yoga, golf, dogs, sewing, friends,
family, travel, theatre, ballet, reading, art, gym
Looking for: her intellectual equal and that special feeling with someone
Age: open
Distance: flexible

Born 1944   Height 5’ 2”   widowed with children   Location: West Country
Educated Private
Interests: countryside, city, animals, theatre, ballet, music, films, art exhibitions,
culture, travel, fitness
Looking for: someone who is open-minded, an intellectual with a sense of humour
Age: in their 70s
Distance: 200 miles or London