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The County Register is a family-run high end dating agency specialising in personal one-to one matchmaking.

A Message From Heather

I have been in the business of putting single people together, since I started an introduction agency back in the early 1980s. I still run my agency, The County Register, today but looking back over the years and at old records, I am truly astounded to see how much people’s ideas and perceptions about dating, have changed within the older age groups that we often deal with, since that time.

Harpers & Queen

What a difference an internet makes: in only a few years, dating services – once reserved for people lacking social skills – have become the preferred way for frantic financiers and time-poor property developers to benefit from an updated version of the arranged marriage.

The Lady

Attractive, elegant, hardworking and with a great sense of humour, Heather Heber Percy had not been conspicuously successful in the search for true love. At this stage of her life she decided to try and help others to find friendships and relationships.

Loneliness in the countryside is being combated by the rise of rural-based online dating agencies; Kate Green recommends one of the best in her article on the website.

Psychologies Magazine

If there is one secret to matchmaking I’ve discovered, it’s that opposites attract. I’d say look for someone who doesn’t allow you to stay in your own bubble.

SAGA Magazine

Julia Ramsden’s story also has a happy ending, although the route she took was a great deal more expensive. She had been widowed for six years and her loneliness was beginning to spill into misery, when her friend recommended The County Register.

Today Magazine

My role model has to be my mother. Every day I strive to be more like her. She’s always been one of those people who lights up a room, the one everyone gravitates towards.

BBC News

I felt I was paying for a first class-service and that is what I got: privacy, successful introductions, kindness and efficiency.

So says “Susan” of the thousands of pounds she spent signing up to The County Register introduction agency…

Marlborough Living Magazine

Heather and The County Register have recently featured in the Marlborough Living Magazine. Please click the below to view the PDF.