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The Importance of Excellent Photos

What are the secrets of success in dating? Why does we consistently enjoy success that other agencies and particular online dating companies can only aspire to?

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The Importance of Excellent Photos in Dating

We asked the UK’s best known Matchmaker and County Register founder, Heather Heber Percy, what it is that makes the difference and gives The County Register one of the highest success rates in the whole of the dating industry?

Says Heather “I think that a companies whole approach to dating is important and the time spent with clients at the start of their membership is particularly critical. At The County Register we never rush and the joining process is thorough and very detailed. We meet initially for a no obligation chat to enable the particular client to get to know me and to understand our processes, but equally I am looking at them to see if I think that it is going to be possible to generate a successful outcome and at their level of cooperation, because this is very much a partnership between us.”

She continues: “At our second meeting, it is at that point that both parties must decide as to whether or not they want to proceed and at this meeting we would normally conduct our interview, which is extremely comprehensive and can be quite lengthy, we want the prospective member to really open up about themselves and to capture what they are saying, which will enable us to put together a very in depth profile together for them, that truly reflects them as a person and potential partner. That depth is a County Register trademark.”

Heather has run The County Register for 36 years, which is more than half a lifetime for most of us, having formed the company way back in 1983, on the back of experience she had built up as a volunteer for the Samaritans, where she learned a huge amount about love, love turning sour and the successful ingredients that bind some couples together for a lifetime and sometimes why things can go horribly wrong for some couples too. She continues “The thoroughness of The County Register approach is part of a winning formula, which is built on detail and our ability to glean information, which in turn enables us to create an in depth profile of each individual client, which we can then share with carefully selected others.”

This experience that has been built up in half a lifetime in dating, has over the years been passed on to others too, all of whom Heather is rightly proud of. She adds “So yes the profile is very critically important and has to be a top drawer reflection of the individual client and that could never be achieved without photographs too. Which are tremendously important to most people. It is also paramount to have quality images that are likely to be attractive to others, it is most definitely not a case of ‘anything will do’, like I have often seen on the often amateurish profiles displayed on most online sites.”

Heather continues “You can see dreadful examples of photography on online sites, men in football shirts or scarves, men with beer glasses in their hands or proudly displaying a fish that they have just caught. Women not appropriately dressed, revealing too much or dressed frumpishly at the other end of the scale or as part of a Hen Party or girly weekend or holiday. This is really important stuff and in my experience can mean the difference between success and failure. It is something that we take incredibly seriously at The County Register, so much so that I am pleased to announce that we have recently opened our own professional photography studio at our Head Office and now include a complimentary photo shoot for all clients that are profiled or interviewed at our office. Which I see as a tremendous step forward and enables us to produce profiles of the highest quality every time.”

Want to know more about the comprehensive and very detailed service that The County Register provides? Then speak to our team at Head Office between 9am and 9pm every day, including at weekends and Bank Holidays on 0800 644 4110, or complete our contact form on our website and we will get back to you within 48 working hours, without any sort of obligation.