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Valentine’s Day 2020

The best kept secret in dating

Champagne for Valentine's Day

Does 2020 have a special feel about it so far? Did you resolve that you would pull out all of the stops to meet that special person this year? If so are you on track to make that happen during the year? If like up to a million others, you joined an online site or dating app and it’s going well, then maybe you don’t need to read this. If its not quite what you expected so far then please read on as our service at The County Register could just be what you have been searching for.


About us

At The County Register, we have always attracted the most discerning clientele; professional, well educated, intelligent and thoughtful people, who value both their privacy and the high level of personal service they receive from our experienced team. All clients are personally interviewed and carefully vetted. Online dating has never been a suitable option for our members, as they understand the perils and hazards of such alternatives. We ensure that our clients profiles are absolutely accurate, reflecting their personalities, strengths and core values as closely as possible.

Our St Valentine’s Month Offer

January and February are often our busiest months and in 2020, this has proved to be the same as other years. This recent addition of new joiners is now offering an even greater opportunity, not just for our existing clients, but for you, as a potential new member. So for this reason we have a superb offer of up to 25% off our range of packages, only available for the next few weeks. We hope this will incentivise you to make a move forward in your life and take advantage, by making contact with us. You will be receiving the highest level of service with up to £3000 off a membership on our top package. .

Taking the next steps

Valentine's Day

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